Summer Beauty Favourites

Hello everyone!

Apologies for the radio silence聽the last couple of months! Looks like I have returned to my student years this summer as I decided to take 2 exams and have spent every minute out of work preparing for them! One is out of the way but have one more to go so bear with me..

I might have been running around trying to find time for everything, but I did manage to squeeze some time to get my hands on some lovely, summery, colourful beauty products that cheered me up 馃檪 All of them smell, look and feel like corals, and sandy beaches, fruity cocktails and sun cream and have made my long wait to my summer holidays much more tolerable. These are my favourites:

KIKO MILANO Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick in Beige Rose

I love the colour and creamy texture of this lipstick and I think it’s going to look even better with a proper tan. It’s smooth like a lip butter and it smells amazingly like cocoa. I really like the matte finish of the lipstick but if I want to add some shine to it I apply some KIKO Super Gloss in 116 Pearly Pinkover it.


O.P.I. Nail Lacquer in ElePhantastic Pink


I’m all about coral shades for my nails and toes for Summer and this O.P.I. pinky-coral nail polish is my favourite this year. It’s applied very easily, dries quickly and shines like gel nail polish. This little treasure will be travelling with my on my holidays!

KIKO MILANO Mirage Lip Stylo


I love the glamorous golden hourglass packaging of this lip stylo and its magnetic closure.聽It gives shine and feels more like a gloss than a lipstick which is great for summer. Doesn’t last for ages 聽and needs to be reapplied after a couple of hours 聽but it’s great for its price. 聽I have it in which is a lovely fuchsia.

Lush Black Stockings Body Tint

Now let me tell you I’m bad with self-tanning. The only thing I can pretty much manage (and love) is the Garnier Summer Body Gradual Tan Moisturiser. But when I saw this little heart at Lush I thought I’d give it a try. It’s perfect for a night out, I use it for some glow on my arms and legs and it gives them a lovely bronzed shine. It’s very easy to apply but wouldn’t use it for a full body tan. And of course it smells great like all lush products.

Missguided Bondage Dress by ASOS


Not a beauty product but this has to be my favourite dress this summer! I love the shiny pink colour and the way the material hugs the body curves. Will be my go-to dress for many nights out!

What are your favourites this summer? What should I ABSOLUTELY pack for my holidays this year?


Eleni xxx


The Happiness Tag

Hi everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend聽:)

Some time ago聽I was nominated by the lovely Leanneto for聽the happiness tag. 聽Leanne has one of the sweetest and聽most inspiring blogs so if you haven’t already ,go visit her blog; you will fall in love with her writing.

It’s taken me ages to do this post because things have been pretty busy lately but I loved doing it as finding happiness in my every day has been my main focus this year!

So these are the things that need to be done:

  • name 5 things that make you happy聽
  • name 5 songs that make you happy聽
  • choose 5 nominees to complete the tag

5 Things that make me happy:

  1. My lovely boyfriend. He is always there for me to support me, make me smile and love me unconditionally. I love spending my days with him.
  2. My family. I’m so grateful to have grown up in a family full of love and affection. We are and have always been a team and I wouldn’t have managed without their love and support. Talking to them and spending time with them makes me happy.
  3. My amazing friends. I know everyone loves their friends but really I have the most amazing friends in the world! Gossiping, dancing, talking and laughing with them always puts a smile on my face.
  4. Books. Reading a good book is one of my favourite things in the world. I feel like a live many different lives through the books’ characters which I find very exciting.
  5. Shopping. I love makeup and fashion! Going shopping and trying on clothes and beauty products never fails to cheer me up 馃檪

5 Songs that make me happy:

  1. El mismo sol-Jennifer Lopez/Alvaro Soler
  2. On the Top of the Word-Imagine Dragons
  3. Tourner Dans Le Vide-Indila
  4. Superheroes-The Script
  5. Don’t Stop Believing-Journey

And my 5 nominations are:

Be happy everyone 馃檪


Eleni xx



Drugstore Beauty Stars on a Budget


Hi Everyone,

Things have been pretty busy lately 聽so I’m always looking for things to keep me going. Now most times these things involve my lovely partner, close聽friends, a hot bath or a good book. 聽But hey, I am a material girl so little beauty stars can also make my day 馃檪

I have been paying some visits to Boots the past few weeks and I have discovered some brilliant beauty products that are also on a budget, so win-win!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer聽

Several bloggers and vloggers have been writing and talking about how good this product is so I was intrigued to try it especially given its budget price. And I have to say that I’m smitten. I love the way it matches my skin as most concealers give me a reverse-panda look and it provides great coverage without feeling too heavy.

Max Factor Ageless Elixir


I am so impressed with this 2 in 1 foundation/serum! I am not sure its anti-aging formula actually works (I like to think it does) but it is bloody amazing as a foundation! Its velvety coverage is flawless yet so light on the face and it smells so good! It also has an SPF15 which is always great. Real gem and will be definitely repurchasing!

Collection Illuminating & Reviving

Eye Primer

Now I have to admit that this is the first eye primer I have ever used!!! I know right?

I just wasn’t sure it was an essential to my beauty regime but reading more and more about them as well as the fact that I was trekking my eye shadow all the way down to my chin after 8 hours in the office, made me decide it was about time to get one.

I had made my research and was going for聽an Urban Decay one. But then I tried the Collection concealer mentioned above and was so impressed. So I thought, “what if I can get an equally good product at a much better price?” As I said this is my first primer so can’t really compare it to anything else but I for one am well and truly impressed! It enhanced the pigmentation of my eye-shadows massively and they stay in place for hours! Love it.

L’Oreal Paris Super Star Mascara

I am very picky with my mascaras. Veeeery picky. And this has a lot to do with the fact that my eye lashes haven’t been gifted with either length or volume. Add to this an unfortunate case of cutting my own eye lashes-don’t ask!- and you’ll get where 聽I’m coming from. So being impressed by a mascara doesn’t happen very often. In fact, the first time I tried this mascara I wasn’t very happy with it. It’s great for length OK,聽but what about volume? I don’t want my lashes to look like a daddy long legs! But then聽聽I tried it on again, this time being patient enough to apply the product properly and that was when the magic happened! This super star gives lovely long eye-lashes that don’t clump together, stays put for a long, long time but it’s not a nightmare to take off-always a plus.

What are your own drugstore must haves these days?


Eleni xx


Good Hair Days are Happy Days!



Hi everyone,

I have been聽#blessed with wavy hair which means a) not one day is the same as the next one b) I’ve got hair with a temperament worse than mine (and I have quite the temperament!) and c) I need LOADS of time if I want it to look tidy and neat!

I also have highlights which makes them quite dry and I go to the gym quite a lot聽which means straightening them often goes out the window as it’s pretty much pointless.

Given all the above I really appreciate hair products that make my life a little bit easier! So today I have selected to show you the聽little warriors that fight the battle with my rebelling hair on a daily basis 馃檪

STEP 1: Shampooing – Aussie Luscious Long Shampoo

I have to admit that I first bought an Aussie shampoo just because of their聽amazing summery scents. And then I fell in love with their moisturizing texture. I have very long hair which makes everything a little bit harder so this one works miracles when it comes to keeping them soft and untangling them. 聽I also love the way my hair smell after using.

STEP 2: Conditioning – Aussie Miracle Shine Conditioner

I could never think of just shampooing聽without using a conditioner as I would end up with a bird’s nest instead of hair! This conditioner is another essential in my routine as it leaves my hair so soft and glossy! It also smells divine and I can actually comb my hair after using it! Win-win.

STEP 3: Combing – Thick and Curly Tangle Teezer Brush

I actually only bought this brush yesterday-my first Tangle Teezer brush- and I can’t believe it took me so long to try it! This is such an AMAZING product! Anyone with thick/curly hair will understand- brushing it聽can be聽painful聽!Big time! I tried this brush after washing my hair yesterday and it didn’t pull it for a moment! It managed to untangle my hair so easily, so much faster and pain-free. I’m in love.

STEP 4: Nourishing – OGX 聽Argan Oil of Morocco Penetrating Oil聽

penetrating oil

I have written about this product before as I have been using it for a while now. As I mentioned,聽the ends of my hair tend to be quite dry so this is perfect for restoring them and giving them a silky feel. I only need to apply a very small amount of the product聽for smooth, soft hair and I love the fact that it doesn’t feel heavy or聽greasy at all-always a risk with this type of products. Smells great too 馃檪

STEP 5:Straightening – ghd Straight and Smooth Spray聽


So sometimes I take the big decision to straighten my hair and I certainly need a little help with it! I use this spray just before blow drying my hair and it’s聽great for making it聽less frizzy, protecting them from the heat and making the straightening effect last longer. It’s also very lightweight.

STEP 6: Styling – 聽REDKEN Fashion Work 12 Spray

This hairspray is great for both curly and straight hair styles. It leaves the hair in place for a long time and it’s enriched with 聽Vitamins C and E to protect the hair.

How do you tame/style your hair?


Eleni xx




Pampering with L’Occitane


Hi everyone!

You know these weeks that feel so long yet they go by too fast leaving you exhausted at the end of them like you have just run a race? Well I’ve been having a few of those weeks lately. And the best way to recover from them is to pamper body and soul with some of my favourite beauty products.

One of the places I nip in for a ‘quick fix’ when I’ve had a stressful week is a L’Occitane shop. Just entering one of them makes you feel like you have moved to a sunny part of France and you are surrounded by gorgeous gardens of colourful flowers.

Almond Delicious Soap


I fell in love with the scent of  the L’Occitane Almond range when I tried the Almond Delicious Hands hand cream earlier this year. I love the scent of Almonds and this one was an amazing combination of freshness and sweet tones.

The Almond Delicious Soap was the second product to try from that range and it found a place in my heart next to the hand cream. It contains ground almond shells that gently scrub away dead skin cells and leaves the skin soft like a baby’s! And what I love the most is the sweet, irresistible scent it leaves on my body after I’ve used it.

Cherry Blossom Hand Cream

I have written before about the amazing effect that all L’Occitane hand creams have on my rather dry hands. I am very loyal to the product as it is one of the most moisturising hand creams I have ever tried that offers long lasting smoothness without leaving the hands greasy. I am not loyal to the scent though as I like to try new ones! The latest one I tried was the Cherry Blossom hand cream which contains cherry extract and has a sensational fresh scent perfect for Summer!

Shea Butter Foot Cream

I chose this product less for its scent (I’m not so keen on lavender) and more because I was sure it would thoroughly nourish and soften my dry heels. I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed as it works miracles with them! I am really bad with sticking to a routine with it although I promised myself to apply it every night before bed, so I’m sure that if I had been more consistent  the results would have been even more impressive! And despite the fact that as I said lavender is not my thing, its scent is actually quite relaxing and spa-like.

Wish-List: Rebalancing Massage Cream

I haven’t purchased this product yet but since seeing it in the shop I’m dying to! Nothing is more relaxing than a nice massage before bedtime  (hint-hint) but I don’t really like oily massage products. This cream has a fresh, gel-like texture and a very subtle relaxing scent. According to L’Occitane website, it is enriched with horse chestnut extract, glycerin and hydrating natural sugars extracted from corn,to promote microcirculation and re-oxygenate the skin. Sounds good to  me 馃檪

What are your favourite pampering products?


Eleni xx

Laura Mercier make up and other gems..

Hello beautiful people!

Oh how I love change! Especially the change of chilly weather to glorious sunshine! Don’t get me wrong, I love my routine too but there’s something so refreshing about changes, big ones and smaller ones, that make me聽feel alive and give life a pinch of salt.

I like trying new things, meeting new people and visiting new places as much as I love hanging out with my favourite people at my favourite places. So my attitude towards make up and clothes couldn’t be any different! I’m loyal to many brands and products that I use time and time again but it’s so exciting when you discover something new and amazing!

Every new season I change the way I do my make up to adjust to the weather, so in Spring/Summer I tend to go for a more bronzed look, lighter eye-shadows and lip-gloss over lipstick. These are my very best little make up gems at the minute:


Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Protect Broad Spectrum聽聽SPF 30/PA+++

I tried a Laura Mercier primer for the first time at the Glamour Beauty Festival earlier this Spring and fell in love with it. 聽Back then I had tried their Original Foundation Primer but as I was still using my Sephora one, I didn’t have the chance to buy it. So when I went to get it last week, I decided to go for the Protect Broad Spectrum SPF30/PA+++ version of the Foundation Primer- Protect Broad Spectrum SPF 30/PA+++product as skin protection from the sun is key for me now that I’m approaching to my 30s!

I love the non-greasy moisturising texture of this product, it’s so hydrating you feel like you are using your day cream (as a matter of fact the sales assistant at the Laura Mercier counter said that I could actually replace my day cream with it). You only need to use just a little bit to cover the whole face so hopefully it’s going to last me a while. It creates a great base for my foundation and helps it last longer while it improves the feeling of skin irritation that foundation causes me from times to times.

Laura Mercier Lip聽Lip Glac茅 in Pink Pop

This is my ‘go to’ lip gloss for this season. Again my first Laura Mercier gloss, I really like the high-shine, moisturising texture of this product as well as its non-sticky formula (something that can really annoy me with other lip glosses). The candy scent is so good and I feel like it lasts quite long for a lip gloss. This colour is so nice for the Spring/Summer season as it’s soft and subtle yet very shiny. Next on my list it the Bellini shade!

Pink Pop

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

If you have been reading this blog for a while you’ll know how much I love my Naked Smoky Palette. I usually play around with the different shades but my favourite for this season is the Dirty Sweet one. I love its聽golden-bronze shimmery 聽colour, I think it looks great for a tanned look and it gives the eyes a soft yet intense look.

Wish List-Laura Mercier Cocktails 脿 St. Tropez Collection

Colour Dots Lip & Cheek SheersColour Dots Lip & Cheek SheersColour Dots Lip & Cheek Sheers

This new Laura Mercier collection combines two of my favourite things, cocktails and vibrant colours! The聽Sangria, Fruit Punch and Tequila Sunrise 聽colour Dots Lip & Cheek Sheers are in the most amazing summery shades and they make me think of holidays just by looking at them! Roll on pay-day!

River Island Pink ’90s ribbed crop top

聽 聽 聽聽

I saw these cute crop tops on a special 2 for聽拢10 offer when I popped into River Island so I聽got myself one in fuchsia and one in white. They are available in a big variety of lovely聽colours and they are simple but great for their price. I wore one of them last night with a high waist pencil skirt but they are great for loads of outfits from casual to more dressy ones.

So this is how you would mostly see me looking like this Season 馃檪


Loads of Love,

Eleni xx


Eleni loves…May Picks


eleni loves

There are these little things that give life a sweet taste… They don’t have to be expensive or extravagant but they give my daily routine a little sparkle and I love them 聽just for that ! Because hey, happiness is the small details right?

These are my May picks…

The聽100-Day Happiness Planner聽

I really love journaling, writing down my goals and making to do lists. 聽Crossing out completed tasks give me such a great satisfaction-yep, I’m weird like that- and I like starting my day on a positive note. So when Zoella mentioned the Happiness Planner on one of her videos聽I decided to give it a try. First of all the journal itself is gorgeous! But most importantly, it’s filled with little sections that increase my productivity, positive energy and gratitude. Every聽day you can log your to do list, schedule, exercise, meals, things that made you happy and things you are hoping for. It also has a ‘happiness’ quote on each page to start your聽day with. Will be definitely reordering it!

Rosie Mai’s Wax Melts

IMG_4437 (1)

I discovered these amazing home made wax melts when my friend Bev took me to聽The North East鈥檚 Spring Fair a few weeks ago. Made from聽blended soy wax and fragrance oils they instantly give the house a delicious scent! I love lighting a burner every night when I’m relaxing on the sofa reading my book. I am currently using the Baby Powder scent which is so sweet and fresh but I also got the marshmallow, champagne & pomegranate, mango & papaya, brown sugar & fig and black cherry explosion scents. Bliss…

Lush Bath Bombs

image1 (1).JPG


No better way of having some relaxing ‘me’ time than a hot bath… And Lush bath bombs are always part my ritual. I had run out of them so I just bought the Honey Bee聽and Butterball bath bombs and I can’t wait to try them. As well as smelling deliciously their ingredients are also great for the skin. Honey Bee contains聽honey, aloe vera, and rhassoul mud, a clay mined near Morocco鈥檚 Atlas Mountains while Butterfall contains聽cocoa butter pieces and Ylang Ylang which is used in aromatherapy to treat stress and depression and relieve anger, panic and fear.

Joe Wicks Lean in 15 Recipe Book

I 聽admit it. I hate spending loads of time cooking. And I like my meals to be healthy. And I’m so so so bored of our Grilled Salmon Monday night! So when I discovered the Bodycoach’s Instagram account I was so excited I had to buy the book! I have already tried a few of his recipes and they are so easy to do, healthy and delicious! TOTALLY recommend it!

What are your favourite things at the moment?


Eleni xx

In Love with a Nail Polish


Hi everyone 馃檪

OMG it’s May already! This year is flying聽by!

May is one of my favourite months, I get all excited about the summer that is round the corner! For that reason, I refuse to get disheartened by the current chilly British weather by adding colour to my make up, nails and clothes-law of attraction and all that jazz…

So I was walking through Fenwick looking for summer-ish make up products when I saw them… The Nails Inc counter featuring their Gel Effect range.

Now let me tell you that I don’t have much patience when it comes to doing my nails which means a) they never look particularly great b) I really need products that dry up fast. I have tried quite a few and have eventually found a few nail polishes that suit my impatient nature but I still can’t fully trust that statements like ‘Gel Effect’ would have the same result on me as they have on Alexa Chung!

They had taster products though so I tried it on one of my nails and then walked away from their counter. A couple of minutes later I had a look at the painted nail and it was all dry and shiny like I had actually had gel manicure done ! I was so impressed that I went back and bought the Chiltern Street Shade as I was looking for a baby pink shade for ages and this looked like just what wanted.


I couldn’t wait to go back home and paint my nails to verify the impressive result it had on that single聽nail.

First of all I was a bit worried about removing the nail polish from that nail as I wasn’t sure that the gel effect meant it would be more difficult to remove it. I was very happy to see that it can be removed as easily as any other nail polish-no hassle!

I then applied two coats (even just聽one coat looks great) and da-da! Gel nails by me in my living room! They look professionally done and the colour looks shiny and flawless! Also it’s been 3 days since I painted them and they haven’t chipped at all although I haven’t been careful with them-doing the dishes and glamorous things like that.


I have to say that they are definitely worth their聽拢15.00 and I already have my eyes on these amazing shades:

Portobello Terrace

Nails inc Portobello Terrace Coconut Bright Nail polish

Charlotte Villas Coconut Bright

Nails inc Charlotte Villas Coconut Bright Nail polish

Covent Garden Place

Nails inc Covent Garden Place Gel effect Nail polish

Baker Street

Nails inc Baker Street Gel effect Nail polish

Have you tried the Nails Inc gel effect? What do you think about it?


Eleni xxx

100 Days Challenge-Exciting New Products


Hi everyone!

So this week聽I managed to complete my 100 days no shopping challenge! Whoop whoop!

Those who 聽know me well know that in January I set a challenge for myself to go for 100 days without buying any make up or new clothes! Which is quite an achievement for me! Not that I’m a shopaholic or anything but I love clothes and make up and I often indulge in trying new products and fashion trends.

After noticing that my wardrobe was stashed with clothes that couldn’t quite fit in it and that my cupboards were full of make up products some still in their packaging聽I decided to take a break from it all just for a while. So now I feel like I can control聽myself better from making impulsive purchases, really search for the best products to buy and invest on good quality rather than quantity. Much as I thought that after completing 100 days I’d go聽straight for a shopping spree, I have only聽bought a new pair of tights so far!

This doesn’t mean though that during these 100 days I didn’t have the chance to catch up with lovely make up products and new fashion trends! Friends birthdays, family gifts, and frequent visits to the shops although without letting myself get all the way to the till, meant I have a 聽new list of great聽products!


Lanc么me La Base Pro Hydra Glow

Miracle Cushion Look : La Base Pro Hydra Glow, Lisa Eldridge Tutorial Looks MAKE UP

I was looking for a primer for my friend’s birthday this month and I had almost made up my mind on a different one 聽which I had tried and liked. But a walk through Fenwicks and a stop by the Lancome counter made me change my mind. I loved the hydrating texture of this primer and the natural glow it gives to the skin. 聽You can also use it as a highlighter after foundation-who doesn’t love a multi-purpose solution?!

Lanc么me Teint Visionnaire Foundation聽



So I spent this Easter break in Milan with my parents. Which means extra free access to my mum’s make up bag-always a bonus! Loads of great products to try on in there but what I really fell in love with was her Teint Visionnaire foundation! The coverage it offers is unreal and the corrector part at the top made wonders for my dark circles! This level of coverage usually feels heavy on my skin but this one was light and moisturising.

Est茅e Lauder聽Double Wear聽Stay-in-Place Makeup

Another thing that goes hand in hand with my love for fashion and make up is my addiction to聽fashion and beauty magazines. Which provides me with loads of lovely samples. During聽my challenge I decided to use some of those samples and one of them was of this foundation. First of all it feels so luxurious to apply and smells so good! Provides really long-lasting coverage and a natural effect. Definitely the next one to buy!

Nails inc Superfood NailKale Base Coat


This little miracle was in my Glamour festival bag. I have quite fragile nails and am terrible for following the whole base coat- colour- top coat procedure聽but this product is so great that I use it religiously before applying any nail polish. It contains extracts of aloe vera, lemon, ginseng, pomegranate and grape and is聽enriched with vitamins A, C, E, F and H. 聽My nails feel much stronger and I have noticed less聽splitting since I have started using it.

Accessorize聽Cassidy Satchel Bag


This was another birthday present for friend. Such a cute satchel bag! The floral print version 聽couldn’t be any better for adding a Spring tone to the outfit while yellow is the colour of Spring/Summer 2016!

What new products have you fallen in love with recently?


Eleni xx

Eleni’s World at the Glamour Beauty Festival

Hi everyone!

So last weekend I visited the Glamour Beauty Festival! It was a beauty-blogger’s paradise! No, let me rephrase this, it was every girl’s -who loves to be pampered- paradise!

Taking over the three floors of London’s Saatchi Gallery, representatives and make up artists from some of the world’s most popular beauty brands were there to offer advice on all things beauty along with special treatments including mini-facials, manicures, fragrance fittings, contouring tutorials and loads more!


There were also master classes running throughout the weekend; the festival visitors’ had the chance to listen to talks featuring industry titans such as Jo聽Malone and聽Liz Earle, famous beauty聽vloggers聽like Tanya Burr, make artists and many more inspiring personalities of the beauty world.

I attended the聽How to Be A Beauty Mogul’ masterclass where the聽founder of FitFlop and Soap & Glory, the very inspiring聽Marcia Kilgore, spoke to聽GLAMOUR’s Editor Jo Elvin聽about what it takes to build several mega brands. I loved the energy of this lady, how positive and down-to-earth she was. I particularly kept what she said about thoughts:’There are no bad thoughts or good thoughts, there are useful thoughts and harmful thoughts’.



As there were long queues of visitors at each stand, 聽I didn’t have the chance to visit all of them but I’m going to share with you the products I loved the most from the stands I did visit.

Laura Mercier-Foundation Primer聽

Foundation Primer 50ml, , large

I had my full聽make up done at the Laura Mercier stand where one of the lovely make-up artists introduced me to their foundation primer. IMG_3778editedShe also informed me that Laura Mercier was the first make up brand to launch a primer! I must admit that I didn’t know that.


I loved the gel texture of this primer. It felt so light and fresh on my skin that I wasn’t sure about the coverage it would provide, but I was pleasantly surprised! The colour of my skin looked even and smooth and the primer was the perfect base for the Smooth Finish Foundation Powder 聽in cashew that聽the make up artist applied over the primer. They are both products that got into my ‘to get’ list.

NARS-Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder

My next visit was to the NARS Cosmetics stand to learn about the art of contouring. While trying to pick up some great techniques-Kim K watch out!- I also fell in love with the product that the make up artist used as a highlighter to illuminate the top of my cheek bones, my nose, chin and the sides of my forehead.


The Light Reflecting Powder is a聽silky powder 聽infused with Photochromic Technology to diffuse light and adjust to new sources of light throughout the day. I loved the immediate effect it had to my skin which looked brighter, and more relaxed. It works perfect especially on聽the oily face areas.

Lanc么me-Juicy Shaker

My last visit to finish up my make up was at the colourful Lanc么me stand. There, I had the chance to try out the super funky, super cute, super fresh Juicy Shaker聽lip gloss in Cherry Symphony. Its special聽formula combines nourishing lip oils that make the lips feel soft with beautiful pigments for plump but natural looking, glossy lips.

The Juice Shaker smells and tastes amazing and it comes in 14 amazing colours;I also loved the Meli Melon and Berry Tale shades especially for the summer. It also lasted for hours without fading out.


Lip Gloss : Juicy Shaker, Lips MAKE UP

Berry Tale

Lip Gloss : Juicy Shaker, Lips MAKE UP

Meli Melon

Lancome-Le Crayon Sourcils

Date Night Make-up  : Le Crayon Sourcils, Lisa Eldridge Tutorial Looks MAKE UP

The Lanc么me make up artist also touched up my eyebrows with聽Le Crayon Sourcils in 030 Brun. I loved the colour as it was聽perfect for my eyebrows and I was planning on buying it but after looking it up online I noticed that many people that purchased it had 聽issues when trying to sharpen it and the only compatible sharpeners were by聽Urban Decay and Yves Saint Laurent.

This is the end result of all the make up artists’ and hairdressers’ efforts 馃檪

IMG_3788 edited

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and will be there for the next one!

Let me know what you think of my new discoveries!

Lots of Love,

Eleni xx