Autumn’s reds

Hi everyone!

As the days are getting smaller and the nights chillier, bright colours can add a much needed cheekiness to our look and lift our moods.

Lipstick is my first product choice when it comes to an instant beauty boost and red is my favourite shade for this season. I love Christmas so it also gets me in a  festive mood!

Warm, sexy, sophisticated, provocative, there is the right red lipstick shade for every woman and every occasion.

While I was in the hunt for my red lipstick for this Autumn, I discovered these little gems:


This lipstick shouts ‘confidence’ and can add an old style glamour to every appearance.


This bold red reflects dynamism and a charming untamed character. The lovely MAC texture makes it irresistible.

Lipstick : L'Absolu Rouge, Lips Makeup

This is my favourite one for a glamorous night out.  Makes you feel a million dollars and keeps the lips hydrated for hours.

This one  is an amazing red berry shade for long days in the office.  Bright enough to make an impression but also very classy for a polished, professional look.

Color Riche Collection Exclusive Pure Reds Liya's Pure Red

I love this range as there is a red for every skin tone but having an olive skin, Liya’s is my favourite. The matte finish of the lipstick makes the colour even stronger and more vibrant. This one is my favourite one for this Autumn.

As a matter of fact…


One thought on “Autumn’s reds

  1. Nora Abdulaziz says:

    I need to hunt my red for this season, I usually go for burgundy dark tones as they match my skin better.
    Great post Eleni mou :*


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