Skincare empties and wishlist

Hi everyone,

Skincare is becoming more and more important to me as I’m growing up. When I was a teenager, my sister told me to clean my face and moisturize it daily. And being the little sister (by 14 years may I add!) I have followed it religiously. It wasn’t until my late 20s though that I felt that my skin really needed some TLC. Fine lines made their appearance and I was getting more and more freckles. So I added products like an eye cream and a facial oil to my routine and I’m trying to do a face mask every weekend for an extra boost.

This week I’m going to share with you the skincare products I just ran out of and the ones that I’m planning to replace them with! I haven’t done an empties post before, but I have to confess that finishing a beauty product gives me a strong feeling of satisfaction! And there are 3 reasons for it:

  1. It means money well spent on a product that was good enough to use and finish.
  2. It creates more space in my beauty cupboard! The past few years I have got rid of my hoarding habit and prefer to throw things/give things away and declutter.
  3. The most exciting reason of all! The excuse to buy new beauty goodies!

So here are this month’s empties!

Garnier Moisture Bomb Night Gel-Cream


I loved the gel texture of this cream. Its formula contains Amla and pomegranate extracts and 15% Plant Serum and it felt so refreshing and nourishing on my skin. Like I’ve just had a big bottle of water! It also absorbs very quickly and is lightweight which is not always the case  with night creams.  My skin looked very smooth and hydrated in the morning, I would definitely repurchase.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser


One of my skincare favourites, I have finished this product and then repurchased a few times now. With an at-home-spa-facial feeling to it, this award winning cleanser is perfect for removing make up (yes even mascara!) and the day’s pollutants leaving the skin feeling smooth, fresh and purified. It is also extremely moisturising unlike other cleansers that give a dry, pulling sensation to the skin. And its scent is amazing!

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch


This is my absolute favourite makeup primer when it comes to filling in fine lines. It really does work wonders! It is like an Instagram filter on the skin! I love that it is very light and has a hydrating feel to it. It makes the skin so smooth that on good skin days I am using it on its own without applying extra foundation.

Avène Sun Care SPF 50+ Tinted Cream


I picked this one up from Greece when I was there for holidays this summer. It is great for UV protection without being sticky and heavy on the skin. I was mostly impressed by the coverage that it offers which was brilliant for a sun care product! Very hydrating as it is rich in Avene thermal spring water, it was a sun cream, foundation and moisturiser all in one-a holidays must have!

What’s in the Wishlist? 

Caudalie Moisturising Sorbet


I have just ordered this one so a review is in order! I really liked the sound of its cream-to-gel formula as it combines the best of both worlds. Soothing,enriching cream that turns into a lightweight, refreshing gel! Let’s hope it lives up to my expectations 🙂

GlossierMega Greens Galaxy Pack

After all this time of experiencing a beauty addict’s biggest FOMO, Glossier now finally ships to the UK! There are so many things that I want to try from their skincare and make up range and the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack mask is certainly one of them! It promises to balance and condition the pores while helping to calm skin. It detoxifies the skin by drawing out excess oil and impurities which sounds like a dream!

L’Occitane Divine Youth Oil

Image result for L'Occitane Divine Youth Oil

If I’m going to trust a brand to restore my skin’s youth then it would have to be L’Occitane! This face oil is rich in immortelle essential oil, which according to L’Occitane’s website, contains twice more anti-oxidants than Vitamin E.  The light, silky texture with a non-oily finish sounds great but the promise of a wrinkles reduction and a firmer skin sounds even better!

Vichy Slow Âge Cream Moisturiser

Having worked in the Marketing Department of Vichy in the past, I will always trust this brand as one of the best skincare brands out there when it comes to innovation and quality. I tried a sample of the Slow Âge cream moisturiser and loved it! It has the amazing fresh Vichy scent, high SPF protection and is thoroughly hydrating. It is going to be my next moisturiser.

What skincare products are you loving at the moment?


Eleni xx



Happy Vibes Boosters

Hi Everyone,

It’s a new week and who doesn’t love some daily happiness boosters? I know I do!

For as long as I’ve known myself I have been good at doing the following things:

  1. Planning an exciting event/treat/holiday to look forward to.
  2.  Getting impatient while waiting for this exciting thing to happen,
  3. Half enjoying said thing while it’s happening while thinking about the next thing to plan ahead.

Lately though, I have decided that I don’t want to wait for the weekends, the holidays, the special events to experience happiness and excitement. I want it every single day of my life. Cause let’s face it, I’m not going to have more weekends than workdays anytime soon!


And sure, I’m still up for organising special treats, but I’m making an even bigger effort to add little happy details in my routine. They don’t have to be big or expensive but the impact they have on me is great.

Here are some things I have been really enjoying lately:

Full Coverage Podcast

I’m spending a long time commuting everyday. I can’t really read on the bus as it makes me dizzy (and not when walking for that matter!) so podcasts are my new favourite thing. Being the beauty-obsessive that I am, I love this podcast so-so much! Hosted by make up artist & Youtuber Harriet Hadfield and bestselling author and beauty addict Lindsey Kelk, this podcasts makes you feel like you are having a cuppa with your besties talking about my favourite subject-beauty, what else? Harriet and Lindsey make me laugh so much while keeping me updated with all the latest beauty news.  I’m only cross with them because they tempt me into buying more make up!

I heart Book Series by Lindsey Kelk

Image result for i heart new york lindsey kelk

Chick lit is one of my favourite little pleasures. I love a good romance, where everything works out and everyone is happy in the end. I can just switch off, relax and enjoy. I came across the I Heart series while listening to Full Coverage host, Lindsey Kelk, talk about her books. I bought the first one, I heart New York, and that was it. I was hooked. Funny, warm and with many beauty and fashion references, it’s a great read and I am now binge-reading through the full series.

Pukka Organic Teas

Image of Vanilla Chai

There is such a feeling of comfort in hot cup of tea! Although I normally drink coffee at work, I have my friend Beverley make me her special cup of tea if I’m feeling poorly. Now that it’s getting cold outside, I love the ritual of putting the kettle on as soon as I walk in the house and I always have a nice cup of herbal tea next to me while I’m curled in the sofa reading a book or watching Netflix. Pukka Teas are my favourite and I am currently obsessed with the Vanilla Chai and the Three Cinnamon flavours. Naturally sweet they are also perfect for my sweet tooth satisfying my cravings.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Hotel Chocolat 

Peanut Butter Chocolate 100g Slab Selector, , hi-res

Speaking of cravings… Well they don’t always go away with a cup of tea-shock! Sometimes-most times- I need a little chocolate fix but hey it is perfect with a cuppa 🙂 Hotel Chocolat is the chocoholic’s paradise, so many delicious, mouthwatering options. I love peanut butter almost as much as I love chocolate so the Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar is a majestic combination for me!

Newcastle Village Hotel and Spa


Now this falls more under the  special treat category rather than a daily pleasure but it was definitely a happiness booster so I had to mention it! Last weekend was an impromptu spa break weekend at the Newcastle Village Hotel and Spa. The room was beautiful, the bed was so soft and snugly that I didn’t want to get out of it but the highlight was the spa! I usually find hotel spa massages a bit too soft but the therapist that I had my aromatherapy massage with was amazing! Strong and knowledgeable,  I really melted under her hands.

What are your go-to tips for making everyday life happy and special?

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Love and Kisses,

Eleni xx


Halloween Inspired Beauty Shopping List

Happy Monday you lovely lot 🙂

It is officially October so we can finally discuss Halloween, no?

Halloween is something that secretly excites me-maybe too much for my age! For one, it’s new (ish) and very exotic to me as we don’t celebrate it in Greece where I’m originally from. Apart from that though, I feel like there is something very intriguing and atmospheric about the night of Halloween! I am a big softy when it comes to blood or anything remotely scary but I love watching the little ones in their costumes wandering around and I like thinking that all the little witches and their cats are out among us that night-yes I know, vivid imagination!


Every October the past few years, I make my Halloween Beauty List that includes my favourite ‘bewitched’ products! Here’s what made it to this year’s list:

Charlotte Tilbury Nocturnal Cat Eyes to Hypnotize Eye Shadow-The Huntress

Yes, yes I know… I’m obsessed with Charlotte and it’s not getting any better! But how can you look at this shadow and not fall in love? In a golden bronze shade with a metallic finish, it’s everything I need in one eye single eye shadow-magnetic cat eyes are always a plus!


Ciate London Glitter Flip Liquid Lipstick 

Image result for ciate glitter flip  Image result for ciate glitter flip

If one beauty product was made with the help of witchcraft then there is no doubt that it would be the Ciate Glitter Flip lipstick! With stock back in mid-October, this product was a big hit the minute it launched, and a great example of beauty innovation. How it works? You simply press your lips together to transform the matte liquid lipstick into a shiny, sparkly glitter lip. Magic? Hell yes!


Essie Nail Polish in Wicked


Wicked - Deep Dark Black Red Nail Polish by Essie

I love the bold yet elegant dark red shade of this nail polish. Sexy and striking it makes  the perfect fit for wicked Halloween nails.

Lush Cosmetics Halloween Range 


A orange bubble bar in the sahpe of a pumpkin convered in glitterA black cat bubble bar with yellow eyes


How not to be excited about Halloween if that means new Lush Cosmetics Halloween themed goodies?! I’m known to spend hours in the Lush shops trying to make up my mind on what to put in my basket-a very difficult task indeed! These are this year’s favourites: Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar, Bewitched Bubble Bar , Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar  , Magic Wand Soap.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Noir Moderne


There are few things I blindly trust as much as a Chanel lipstick. The quality, the texture, the comfort, the long-wearing quality and the rich colour are a lipstick lover’s dream.  And this amazing shade is so intensely magnetic…

Lifestyle Edit Shout Out


This post’s lifestyle shoutout goes to the the amazing Afternoon Tea & movie combo we enjoyed with my friends at Newcastle’s Tyneside Cinema. We had a delicious Indian inspired Afternoon Tea which included goods like chocolate samosas and vanilla and chai macaroons, before watching the film Victoria and Abdul.

Image result for victoria & abdul

The movie tells the story of the special relationship between Queen Victoria and a young Indian attendant, Abdul Karim. A relationship that was frowned upon by the  rest of the royal family members and after the Queen’s death in 1901, its story was deleted from the royal history. The movie was captivating and bittersweet and the acting was brilliant. Judi Dench as Queen Victoria was amazing as always.

What are your beauty go-tos this Halloween? Can’t wait to hear all about your tricks and your treats!


Eleni xx





Yoga Diaries and discovering (my inner) Yoga Girl



Hello lovely people,

This week’s post has less to do with beauty products and more with the beauty that comes from within, from a feeling of inner content and harmony. Which shines even more than the external beauty if you ask me.

But let’s take things from the start. The past 10 weeks have been quite challenging for me both emotionally and physically. My mood is resembling a roller coaster and after a back injury my body went from its strongest form to its weakest in a matter of weeks. Struggling even to walk from the pain and not being able to do the things I wanted with my own body left me feeling helpless and upset.

So where does yoga come into this? Yoga is not a new thing in my life. I have been practicing once a week for years and have been really enjoying it. However, the practice was mainly focused on the asanas as a way to stretch my body from my sedentary job and my strenuous workouts. The mentality behind yoga was something I had never focused on.

After my injury I started doing some yoga stretches at home to help with the pain as I wasn’t confident that I would be strong enough to attend my usual yoga class. I had been following Rachel Brathen aka Yoga Girl on Instagram  for a few months already but it was after my injury that I started engaging more with her inspiring posts and listening to her amazing podcast From the Heart. I also discovered her OneoEight channel, a platform of yoga video tutorials, guided meditation and nutritional advice. I signed up for the 10 days free trial and got so impressed with the quality of the teachers and the variety of the videos available that I have continued my membership.

Related image

On the 1st of September, Yoga Girl started a 30 days yoga every day challenge calling her followers to practice yoga every single day and post about their practice and open up about their feelings. The timing of the challenge was great for me as it gave me motivation to practice the asanas every day and regain my physical strength but also use the meditation part of the practice to find inner peace and reflect on my emotions. It’s now day 23 and I can proudly say that I haven’t missed a day’s practice yet!


IMG_0012.JPG IMG_0051

As I gained part of my physical strength back, I longed to practice with other people as I missed the energy of practicing with others. Getting deeper into the yoga philosophy made me look for a yoga studio that would be in line with it. Yogalilies  was exactly what I was looking for, a true yoga sanctuary in the heart of Newcastle.  The moment you walk in the studio a relaxing scent of essential oils embraces you and helps you leave the world and all its worries outside the its door. The communal areas are all beautifully decorated the studios are cosy, welcoming and atmospheric.

The highlight of the studio though are the teachers. Warm and friendly, they engage not only the body but also the soul into the practice and make each class feel special and unique.

Image result for yogalilies


As I love using candles to create a nice atmosphere for my practice so I have created a little wishlist of candles that I would like to add to my collection 🙂 :

Image result for Highland Escape Candle

Image result for jo loves salted caramel;

Aromatherapy Happiness - Bergamot & Mandarin 3-Wick Candle - Bath And Body Works

Slide View: 3: Mercury Glass Candle, Pumpkin

Cashmere & Cocoa

Let me know whether you practice yoga and what you think of it! Also, what are your favourite candles this Autumn?


Eleni xx


First days of Autumn, Spice Pumpkin Lattes and new Make up Obsessions

Autumn has well and truly arrived and it might be that I’m a (late) Autumn baby but I bloody love this season and everything about it. From the cozy jumpers and the delicious spice pumpkin lattes to the autumnal scents and colours, I get excited this time every year  as I’m anticipating new and exciting things to come.


It’s also the season that many beauty brands choose to launch their new lines and products and this year has not let us,beauty fans, down. Charlotte Tilbury launched her new line of liquid lipsticks, Victoria Beckham launched her new make up collection with Estée Lauder and Jo Malone has released 2 new amazing English Oak based scents. And that’s to name a few. Here’s what I’m already loving and what I’m lusting over this September!

New Favourites:

Nails Inc Caffeine Hit Range

Image result for Nails inc Caffeine Hit

Coffee is one of the things I appreciate the most in life, up there with chocolate and good wine. So I was super excited to see that Nails Inc brought the colour of my favourite beverage to my nails this Autumn. The Caffeine Hit range features 4 amazing rich coffee-brown shades-3 matte and one sparkly-and the best thing? They are caffeine infused and actually smell of coffee! I bought the Espresso Martini shade to try first but I’m convinced I have to complete the collection with the rest of the shades.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips Liquid Lipstick


I have to admit that there’s no love lost between me and liquid lipsticks. I usually find them heavy on my lips, difficult to apply without making a messy job out of it and sticky. However, I’m open-minded especially if it has anything to do with a new Charlotte Tilbury release. And rightly so! When I checked out the new Hollywood Lips shades I loved them all but wasn’t holding my hopes up  with regards to their formula. As soon as I tried them on though I was happily surprised! They feel nourishing and comfortable on the lips rather than sticky, their application is beautiful and they are really long-lasting. I went for the Too Bad I’m Bad shade but I want them all!

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

I started noticing lately that the laughter lines around my eyes are getting more and more evident. And although I love a good lol as much as the next person, I felt that I should take some…action before it’s too late. I am quite lazy when it comes to my eye skincare routine-I struggle with actually sticking to one. So I knew I needed a product easy to apply, mild on the eyes (as mine are quite sensitive) and good with dark circles as well as with fine lines. After doing a lot of research I was between the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue  Cream  and the Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream as I read great reviews for both of them.  I decided to go for the latter one though as I felt that its natural ingredients would make it very gentle to the eyes. Now I haven’t been using it for long so watch this space for a performance review, but first impressions have been really great! It starts as a rich cream but after tapping it around the eyes it magically turns to water and then gets immediately absorbed by the skin. And I have already seen a difference in the appearance of dark circles. So, so far so good 🙂



Glossier Cloud Paint Cream Blush



You know it’s going to be an amazing Autumn in the beauty world when you hear that cult beauty brand Glossier will finally start shipping to the UK in October! I can’t wait to try all their products but I know which one is going to be the first on my list. Cloud Paint has so many raving fans loving it that I’ve been dying to try it.  The product’s gel-cream formula is designed to give a natural, seamless finish while hydrating and plumping up the skin. It is available in 4 shades: Dusk, Puff, Beam and Haze.



The Autumn/Winter 2017 Victoria Beckham collection for Estée Lauder was a much anticipated one after the success of her first collection for the brand. And it is as stunning as it is innovative.

Eye foil, a product launched in her first collection, is back in new shades. These liquid eye shadows create a vinyl-like finish on the eye and use sparkling pearls to give a gunmetal foil effect. Burnt Anise is my absolute favourite shade and definitely in my wishlist along with the gorgeous Matte Lipstick in Black Cassis


Ciaté London Dewy Stix

Which Dewy Stix is for me?


I really-really love a good highlighter. It has started becoming one of my favourite beauty products. When used properly and is of a good quality, it gives such a charming shine to the face.

Ciaté London’s Dewy Stix is a highlighting balm stick that gives gloss and shine without shimmer. It is available in 3 shades, Glow , Gleam and Lustre.  I have my eyes on Lustre which is a rose gold shade that gives a glamorous, pink toned iridescence.

Which are your favourite beauty products this Autumn? Can’t wait to hear your recommendations!


Eleni xx

Weddings’ Season Part 2-First Time Maid of Honour


Quoting Grey’s Anatomy, Katerina is my person. I met her 15 years ago when we where both teenagers trying to figure life out. With long blonde hair and the warmest eyes, she got straight into my heart. And she staid there through our University years in Athens (where we were spending our time discovering ourselves by having deep conversations and getting tipsy in little taverns singing our way back home) up until now, that we are trying to work out how to…adult.

When Katerina found love, her One, I was over the moon. And when she asked me to be her maid of honour (koubara in Greek) and be part of one of the biggest days in her life well…I cried! Although living in different countries, we spent the months before the wedding talking and messaging on a daily basis so I couldn’t wait for the wedding day to finally come!

The wedding took place at Meganisi, a beautiful little island in the Ionian Sea. We all traveled there the day before the wedding and we spent our time at the beach up until a few hours before the ceremony!


The Bride and Groom were the most gorgeous couple you will ever see, with the bride looking like a magical fairy in her dress-let me take a moment to take my hat out to her for doing her hair and make-up on her own!!!-and the groom looking very handsome in a blue suit that matched his eyes. The ceremony was very intimate and took place at a tiny little church by the sea. I was so stressed about my role in exchanging the rings but fortunately everything went smoothly!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, wedding and outdoor

The wedding party was held at the Esperides Resort Hotel  , a beautiful venue with a breathtaking view that welcomed us with the most gorgeous sunset.  We staid there until the first hours of the next day dancing in the rhythm of the newly-weds love.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor


Choosing an outfit for this wedding was quite the challenge as I wanted something very special that would at the same time suit the laid back style of an island wedding. Eventually, I went for a coral gown in Grecian style from Little Mistress.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

As we were in a small island, I had to do my own make up and I went for a bronze/coral look to suit the dress. I used some of my favourite make up products to create it including:

the porefessional face primer

  • Benefit Cosmetics Sun Beam highlighter

Matte bronzer doubles as bronzing powder AND contour powder!

Blush - Super Orgasm

426 - ROUSSY

  • Laura Mercier Lip Glace lip gloss in Bare Baby

Lip Glacé



Eleni xx

Weddings’Season Part 1-Wedding in Sicily


Last week I came back from my summer holidays tanned, relaxed but also filled with very strong feelings of love and pride. Like every year, my summer holidays involved sun, sea, and down time. Only this year they were extra special because I got to be part of some of my dearest friends’ and family’s big day… Their wedding day!

The first wedding I attended was of my boyfriend’s brother’s. The ceremony took place in Sicily, on a beautiful sunny day and it was truly amazing. The couple looked gorgeous and made for one another and their love was radiating throughout the day.


My boyfriend got to be best man for his brother and his pride and joy on the day was so moving. He looked so handsome in his Ted Baker suit which he bought from the amazing Moss Bros shop in Newcastle. The tailored fit of the suit was super elegant while the violet back of its waist coat added a beautiful detail to the outfit.


I selected my own outfit for the wedding from a bridesmaids’ dresses boutique in Newcastle called Here Come The Bridesmaids  where the amazing Nicola helped me choose among all the stunning dress designs available. I went for a maxi figure hugging ruby red dress with a cute diamond detail.



I completed the look with the Rose Glitter hardcase clutch bag  and a pair of cage crystal stud earrings from Accessorize and a pair of silver diamante ‘Mirelivia’ high block heel ankle strap sandals from Debenhams.

                                Image result for ROSE GLITTER HARDCASE CLUTCH BAG accessorize 

Image result for Call It Spring - Silver diamante 'Mirelivia' high block heel ankle strap sandals

My make up for the wedding was done by a professional make up artist using exclusively Clinique products from which I especially loved:



Eleni xx

More Cherries-Part 2 (and last!)

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying the warm sunny days 🙂

As promised (warned), here’s the second part of my cherry-themed post as I didn’t want to leave these beauties out:

Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick in Black Cherry


In a different, darker shade of cherry, the colour of this lipstick is so beautifully dramatic and seductive. Its  liquified lipstick formula is applied on the lips like a gloss but then dries to a matte finish. The product is infused with a no-sting lip plumper and filler to make the lips look fuller and the colour even more intense.

Dolce & Gabbana Marina Spring-Summer 2017 T-Shirt


All the beautiful patterns on this T-shirt speak of summer and take you to the wold of sailing where the 2017 Dolce & Gabbana Marina collection took its inspiration from. The t-shirt’s vibrant colours, relaxed look and cheerful design makes it one of my favourite items of this collection.

River Island-One Shoulder Bikini 

I love how different the style of this bikini is! The one shoulder design is so sexy as are the net details and of course the print. Not so sure about the tan lines it will give though!

Tikiboo-Red Cherry Leggings


I am a big fan of the Tikiboo funky designs for their leggings collection and this pair is one of my favourites!  These fun black Lycra tights are designed for comfort throughout the workout and better recovery.  Also available in Capri length leggings.

Bobbi Brown-Pot Rouge For Lips And Cheeks

BOBBI BROWN Pot Rouge For Lips And Cheeks (Chocolate cherry

I love 2-in-1 products. This multi–tasking cream colour comes in a handy compact packaging and works both as a blush and a lip stain. The cherry chocolate shade is stunning and gives a natural finish to cheeks and lips.


Eleni xx



Cherries on Top-part 1


Hi everyone!

So on this post I’m going to confess to you one of my obsessions… Cherries!

Apart from being among my favourite fruit and a symbol of warm summer days, I also love their vibrant, intense colour and sexy, playful shape. Everything with a cherry pattern or shade is bound to steal my heart!

Many of my favourite fashion and beauty brands are feeding my obsession this season so here’s a list of my favourite cherry themed/coloured products:

Pull & Bear Long Sleeve Cherries-Printed Shirt

love the casual chic style of this shirt! You can dress it up or down and its print makes it a statement piece-perfect match for denim. I could wear it every day all day.

Lancome Juicy Shaker in Cherry Symphony

One of the most long-wearing lip glosses out there, the Juicy Shaker’s Cherry Symphony shade is just gorgeous. Enriched with nourishing oils that contain sweet almond oil, omega 3 and cranberry oil,  it keeps the lips hydrated, in an irresistible cherry shade.

KORRES Almond Cherry Body Milk

I bought this body milk for my friend’s birthday and it really has one of the most sensual, delicious, addictive scents I have ever smelled in a body lotion. Sweet but fresh, it is enriched with almond oil, active Aloe and provitamin B5.

Ann Summers Cherry Cami Night Set by ASOS

Image result for Ann Summers Cherry Cami Night Set

Cheeky and cute, I love the pattern on this Ann Summers Cami Night Set. There is also a super cute watermelon pattern set if you prefer a different…fruit!

MAC Lip Pencil in Cherry 

The base to my Ruby Woo lips, the cherry shade of this pencil enhances the iconic MAC red , has amazing pigmentation and helps the lipstick stay in place for hours.

GUCCI Leather Cherry Pump

Gucci Leather cherry pump Detail 5

Now there’s a pair of shoes that is guaranteed to steal the show! I’m not sure what I love the most about them… Their beautiful turquoise colour?  The bamboo effect heel?Or the cherry decoration on the front that comes complete with encrusted crystals? Whatever it is, these shoes have stolen my heart forever!

Charlotte Tilbury Lost Cherry Lipstick


The Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick is one of my absolute favourite. It’s so pigmented and long lasting yet soft on the lips. I love the Lost Cherry shade and can’t wait to add it to my summer lipsticks collection.

Enjoy the cherries season!


Eleni xx

Spring Crush

Hi Everyone,

God it’s been ages! Work and life took over the past few weeks but I’m back and can’t wait to talk to you about all my new Spring crushes 🙂

I’m dreaming of Spring while I’m looking out the window to a grey, rainy day… But here’s hoping for some warm weather, some sunny days and some proper flowers blossoming!

In the meantime here are a few of the things that stole my heart these first days of Spring..

Zatchel Bags

I was in York for a catch up with one of my best friends when I passed by a Zatchel shop. I couldn’t resist but taking a look inside and that’s when I saw the Red Leather Satchel from their Classic Satchel Collection. The red colour is so warm and vibrant and the bag itself is of high quality and so elegant in its classic school satchel style that I had to make it mine!


Although I went for a more autumnal colour, I love their Pastel Satchel Collection for Spring. Here are some of my favourite colours of this range:

Image result for Pastel Grass Green Leather Satchel Image result for Pastel Daffodil Yellow Leather Satchel

Image result for Pastel Violet Leather Satchel


The Little Spring Dress-Ruffle Knit Dress by Hollister

Nothing feels more like Spring than wearing a little casual, floaty dress! This super cute knit dress has a wrap-front, shape flattering design that ties at the waist and adjustable cami straps which is always a plus! I got mine in blue but it’s also available in grey and burgundy.


Image result for hollister Ruffle Wrap-Front Knit DressIMG_7726


The Body Shop-The Finest Facial Mask Duo

Related image

I actually got this amazing mask duo as a gift for my birthday back in November! I was still using some other mask products back then though so it was only recently that I  tried these ones.

The set includes the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask which I used as a first step to clean my skin and draw out impurities. It offers a deep cleaning sensation (its scent is quite particular) and leaves the skin feeling smooth and glowing without that feeling of dryness that some purifying masks leave to my skin.

The second product in this set,  which I used right after the purifying mask, is the British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask. The texture of this mask is totally different to what I was expecting! It has a gel feel to it and it actually looks like jam! It smells amazing and it’s very light on the skin. Super hydrating, it leaves the skin very smooth and fresh.

I love using them after a long bath as they make me feel as I’m at a spa being pampered 🙂

Bobby Brown Illuminating Cheek Palette in Guava

Image result for Bobbi Brown Illuminating Cheek Palette in guava

The Bobbi Brown Havana Brights collection has every potential to become my favourite make up collection for the new season! From the name and the packaging to the warm, sexy coral colours and the new funky products it has summer written all over it!

Bringing to the skin the glow after a day in the Caribbean sun, the Illuminating cheek palette has it all; a bronzer, blush and highlighter. When layered together, the shades create a natural-looking, healthy colour with a subtle glittery finish. According to the Bobbi Brown website, the product should be applied by starting with the neutral shade, adding a touch of the bright shade, then finish with the subtly shimmery shade to highlight the face.

Apart from the Illuminating Cheek palette, the collection includes 4 more funky products in different shades:the dual-ended cream shadow stick, the art stick lip pencil, the art stick liquid lip (I love the Papaya shade) and the Havana Brights Cosmetic Bag.


Lush Pop Corn Lip Scrub

Image result for lush pop lip scrub

My lips and hands had a very difficult winter this year. Which means they need some extra TLC. Hence, I make sure I use a lip scrub a couple of times a week to make the smoother. On my recent visit at Lush I discovered this amazing Popcorn Lip Scrub. It contains coconut and jojoba oils, sugar and sea salt to make the lips soft and although I was skeptical in the beginning, its scent is actually incredible!


Eleni xx